A General Dislike of Packing.

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**Edited to add: It was sort of confusing how I worded some of this- I am coming home, yes... but I am leaving in about two weeks to head to the Middle East, then on to Amsterdam, England, and Ireland. So- I'll still be visiting Val and traveling, just with a little visit to Ohio between!

Last weekend, I was invited by my (amazing) friends, Leah and Mik to travel with them to Hervey Bay. One last weekend of the ocean and a laid-back beach town. Yes please. It was fun to get my camera out and shoot some photos of the little town, the pier, and of Leah and Mik being cute together. I have a knack for befriending couples, which is sort of humorous if you know me and my permanent, single state, but its also totally cool. For the most part, I'm totally down with it. (Especially since they're usually exceptionally awesome people, so why would I mind?!) 

But tonight... tonight... I pack. Trying to fit all the things I have had, or acquired over the last 7 or so months of living in a different country AND traveling to Japan within that time! Can I just say how stressful packing is? Its all well and good if you're just traveling for a week and its planning cute outfits and what shoes to bring... but all. This. Stuff. Man. And presents. And life. Trying to not exceed weight limits (we won't even talk about the day I flew out of Ohio...) 

Hopefully, it will come together. I have made some good headway on it this evening. And I'll finish on Saturday. I currently have a mass of USB wires updating my various devices, I just downloaded three new ebooks to read on my Kindle (from the LIBRARY of course.) so I'm feeling like I'm fairly prepared. 

Because... people... I am flying HOME, to OHIO on Sunday.

What the what?! 

To those of you who weren't aware, the initial plan was to fly straight to visit my sister after being in Australia, and then to Europe/the UK after that- putting me back in Ohio around the fourth of July. Well, due to some airline/ticket fine print, I wasn't able to transfer my return ticket to the Middle East. So... as of Sunday, I'll be back in Ohio for around two weeks. At first, I admit, I was bummed. This wasn't what I had planned. But God really knew what He was doing, because I am so extremely excited to be heading home for a bit. Besides the obvious perks, like seeing family and friends,  unpacking, sleeping in my bed and being able to RE-PACK NEW CLOTHES!! (can you tell I miss my closet?) I am making it home the day before my nephews FIRST birthday. Seriously. And in time for the first birthday party my best friend is having for her little girl. And I get to see my sisterface, and mom and dad, and my adorable, lovable, three year old niece, and my brother and sis-in-law... and meet the new family dog.... and the list goes on and on. 

I'm just a little excited.

Its been really good (mostly) to have stayed on for a few weeks. I've had a lot of down-time, time to get to know a few people a little better, to think and talk to God about what I want life to look like... time to actually miss home. 

So, if you're around in the next two weeks, maybe I'll run into you. I'm not planning on making too many commitments, since I'll be back in July, but if I have some time, I'd love to grab a coffee and catch up a bit.... 

...that is, after I renew my drivers license, since, apparently it expired while I was gone and I can't drive til its updated. Cool.

Anyway, enjoy a few photos from Hervey Bay, I'll definitely post more soon. 

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  1. And of course you come home the day we leave...and the day we come home is the day we leave... ;) Such is life!

    We will warm up Europe for ya! Excited for you to get some good R&R at home and continued to process all the Lord has taught you over these past 7months. Wozza. Thats gone by fast!! See you in July!


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