Two Things

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I don't feel as though I know very much right now... in a stage of readjusting, picking back up- figuring things out... but there are two things I know...

I love photography. Regardless of what I've done through the years, I have had a camera with me. Whether I was being paid or not, its what I love to do. People, places, things... color, black and white, film, digital. High quality, low quality, toy cameras, Polaroid... I love shooting and I love talking to people about it. Last night I took the plunge and made a purchase to upgrade my camera to a full-frame camera. Excited for the possibilities that will hopefully come with this step.

The second thing I know? I love investing in young women. I've spent many years volunteering in youth ministry. When I first graduated I spent several years at my old church with the students- and the past three or so years I invested in some young ladies at Apex. I am so proud to not only see them as they graduate and take on college and the future, but to count them as friends, ladies I see on a fairly regular basis who are a constant inspiration and encouragement to ME.

So- sure. I don't know what's next for me exactly... but these two things will always be a part of who I am. Because its who I am, not what I do that matters.

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